What Is Ascend Theory?

What Is Ascend Theory?

What Is Ascend Theory?

It’s website launch day, and we have been working super hard to bring you the vision of a new collective of professionals made up of Brittany Conner Photography, Derek Halkett Photography, Erin Morrison Photography, Juicebeats Photography, Rellek Films, Roxy & Jon Photography, and Waldorf Photographic Art. We know the first question on your mind is what exactly is Ascend Theory, and we are ready to answer just that.

When we look at the Knoxville based wedding photography and videography communities, we see so many amazingly talented individuals. We know, however, that to grow our businesses and to create the best experience for our clients, we can never stop learning. That is why we decided to form Ascend Theory. The purpose? To bring education on both a larger and individualized scale to the East Tennessee region and the Southeast in general. When we reflected on this market, this is what we noticed as missing; we’ve all had to travel long distances ourselves just to find meaningful education. And, it is our goal to bring these learning opportunities to artists right at home through workshops and mentoring sessions. 

This has truly been a collaborative effort since it’s conception, and we want to share that same collaboration with other creatives who want to elevate their businesses and skill sets—thus, the evolution of our collective, Ascend Theory. We encourage professionals to set goals for themselves, and we believe we can provide the tools and training needed to exceed those expectations. 

Our Free Event

If you are interested in hearing more about this new venture, our in-person launch will be a meet and greet event at The Emporium on August 22nd from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. We’d love to see you there! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Get ready to Learn. Collaborate. Ascend. 

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The Ascend Theory is a curated collective of artists who are highly creative and exceptional at their craft. Each artist possesses extensive knowledge based on years of experience and believes in elevating wedding photography through a relationship with couples and the creation of exceptional images. Ascend artists are highly regarded in their profession, within the wedding industry, and among their respective communities. They have pooled their talents to provide industry leading photography workshops, mentorships, and guidance to other photographers who are looking to improve their skill sets and businesses., Derek Halkett Photography, Erin Morrison Photography, Brittany Conner Photography, Juicebeats Photography, Roxy & Jon Photography, Waldorf Photographic Art, Rellek Films